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Graduate Programs in Science Writing and Teaching Writing

Earn a Johns Hopkins master's degree or graduate certificate in a convenient, online, part-time format.

Transform your career with a master's in teaching or science writing. Johns Hopkins' Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) offer flexible, online options with the advantage of the world-class instruction and high-level interaction that are the foundation of the Johns Hopkins’ tradition of excellence. Johns Hopkins offers new, innovative academic programs that meet the needs of today's working professional.

Master of Arts Degree or Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing

We believe the best writing teachers are also writers themselves. The teaching writing program help teachers in all disciplines and at all levels—kindergarten through university—learn proven, practical ways to teach writing to their students while exploring their own writing.

Our program helps you bring proven theories, practical methods and best practices into your classroom, and can help you become a leader in teaching writing in your school or district.

By offering flexible, interactive, asynchronous, customized learning, the program provides a model for teaching writing and a forum where all teachers can learn and grow together in a community of teachers and writers.

You can also pursue your own writing interests and improve your writing abilities through interdisciplinary coursework options such as brain research, science writing, and film and media studies.

Master of Arts Degree or Graduate Certificate in Science Writing

The science writing programs create the next generation of writers and editors who can help the public easily understand the impact of increasingly complex issues in science, medicine, health, nature, and technology.

You'll prepare for success as you hone a diverse skill set and complete a hands-on residency in areas such as journalism, communication, multimedia, and literary arts. Faculty members are experienced, award-winning writers and editors.

Our graduates work at prominent publications and succeed as authors, freelancers, reporters, editors, or teachers at agencies, nonprofits, or other companies.

Why Choose JHU?

  • Asynchronous Courses: Learn when and where it's best for you.
  • Master's Degree or Graduate Certificate: Choose the best option for you. If you're unsure of pursuing a master's at this time, but want to sharpen your skills, earn your certificate and apply the credits to the degree at a later date.
  • High-Level Interaction: Faculty are available for group and private chats. Students from across the globe interact easily with one another through multiple digital mediums.
  • Short Residencies: Build your network and skill set with 7-10 day residencies in exciting locations.
  • World-Class Learning: Learning from anywhere means you can learn from anyone. JHU AAP pulls expert faculty and guest lecturers from around the globe to teach you current skills.
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