Master of Science in Research Administration

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Engage in Leading-Edge Research Instruction in a Part-Time Format

Transform your career with a master’s degree from the nation’s first research institution, Johns Hopkins University. The university’s Advanced Academic Programs division allows you to earn a research administration degree in a flexible part-time format. Best of all, you will experience the renowned instruction and high-level interaction that are the foundation of the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence.

Join the MS in Research Administration program to examine how research is conducted and led in the United States and abroad. The coursework prepares you for roles in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to help you begin or further your career in research administration. Instructors with real-world experience help you learn to manage sponsored research programs, resolve finance and information technology issues, and maintain compliance with legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks.

Pursue your MS in Research Administration degree with Johns Hopkins to:

  • Take part in progressive research instruction in a part-time format that fits around your professional obligations.
  • Engage in cross-functional coursework to prepare for roles with universities, government agencies, and independent foundations.
  • Learn from experienced faculty and internationally renowned researchers.

What’s more, you will benefit from a curriculum that meets industry needs by aligning with the learning outcomes of leading associations, including:

  • National Council for University Research Administration (NCURA)
  • Society for Research Administration (SRA)
  • National Grants Management Association (NGMA)
  • Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC)

Fast Facts

Engage in empowering online coursework to study on your schedule.

Several Ways to Customize Your Career Path

Four groups of courses, including one area of concentration.

Acquire the expertise and technical acumen needed to develop, fund, and manage successful research programs. This focus area includes courses that provide insight into the research proposal process, such as how to evaluate bids and award contracts. Plus, prepare to advance in nonprofit management and learn data-driven approaches for establishing effective policies.

Master the technologies and best practices that enhance your ability to manage the finances of sponsored programs. The courses explore compliance auditing, methods for securing funding, and ways to meet government requirements. This focus area also lets you delve into the financial management operations of nonprofits in the U.S. and abroad.

Begin an in-depth examination of the compliance issues and legal concerns impacting research projects. The courses focus on protecting intellectual property, how the FDA oversees products, and regulations that affect research conducted in healthcare settings. You can also become versed in the human dynamics that influence international research agreements.

In this concentration, you will build expertise in the myriad subject areas related to international research administration. Examine contracting processes, ways to maintain nonprofit status, and how cultural considerations impact communications. The courses also explore strategies for navigating regulations and acquiring funding across borders.