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Master of Arts in Non-Governmental Organization Management

Overcome international challenges to operate successfully.

Master of Arts in Non-Governmental Organization Management

This graduate program will provide you with the skills necessary to lead, manage, and found a non-governmental/nonprofit organization. The NGO management field provides opportunities for you to lead and manage with critical analysis and problem-solving skills, and find solutions to today’s most pressing problems. Students will learn how to:

  • Develop strong leadership skills
  • Design, implement, and manage projects
  • Analyze varied political environments
  • Build cross-sectoral relationships
  • Construct a development strategy
  • Navigate the grant writing process
  • Apply best practices across the NGO/NPO field

Prepare to Manage NGOs and Nonprofits

The MA in NGO Management is aligned with the primary strategic goals of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. It prepares you to work anywhere in the world you choose.

A flexible format allows students to tailor their degree by selecting a focus area that they find relevant to their professional and personal goals after completing a set of core courses. Each focus area will prepare a student to:

  • Found and manage a non-governmental agency domestically or internationally
  • Foster the development of programs and policies using analytical skills and technical knowledge
  • Demonstrate effective and ethical leadership for the public and nonprofit sectors
  • Provide expert knowledge of excellence, effectiveness, and emerging trends in the sector
  • Improve collaboration and build strategic partnerships
  • Make policy recommendations to implement change
  • Advance development and accountability
  • Apply history, facts, trends, and lessons learned to interpret situations that arise every day for nonprofit and non-governmental organizations
  • Serve as an ethical, effective, and globally engaged leader

Strong Career Growth and Opportunities


NGOs serve a critical role in uniting international relations to produce a common good. Beyond humanitarian needs, they advance modern societies, facilitate communication for and between people and governments, and create global policy.

As NGOs increase their presence throughout the world, the specialized knowledge and skills gained in the MA in NGO Management are critical to those seeking entry and advancement to this sector.

Acting as First Responders

As experts in a variety of fields, NGOs often act as first responders throughout the world including, for example:

  • Civil and Human Rights Violations
  • Political Crises
  • Natural Disasters
  • Public Health Crises

Transferable Professional Competencies

Graduates can also work in the following influential agencies:

  • U.S. State Department
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • United Nations
  • World Bank
  • Inter-American Development Bank

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Whether you are assuming a leadership role in a nonprofit or hope to gain a greater understanding of an important sector you are passionate about, the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management will sharpen your analytical and management skills and expand your global perspective. The certificate may be earned on its own by completing six courses, or in addition to other graduate degree offerings within AAP, including a Master’s in Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage, Public Management, or Communication.

If you are interested in learning more about Johns Hopkins AAP and exploring a career in this exciting field, please click here.

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