Graduate Programs in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management

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Develop Practical and Technical Expertise Online and Through On-Site Study Opportunities

Museums and heritage organizations are expanding their reach through innovative techniques and digital platforms. Become part of the vision for reimagining preservation strategies with these master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Programs division. Discover innovations in digitization, management practices, and communication technologies that motivate organizations to better align with 21st century initiatives. Graduate programs include:

  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies
  • Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Management

With these programs, you can adopt strategies for embracing our shared humanity to advance the betterment of a global society. You will take part in engaging online coursework that provides the flexibility to thrive in your career and life as you earn a master’s degree.

Experience a Thought-Provoking Education on a Flexible Schedule

With these programs, you get the opportunity to:

Explore innovations that challenge traditional approaches to managing museums and cultural heritage organizations, including advancements in information, digitization, and communication technologies.

Position yourself as an expert by learning at a prestigious institution, taking inspiration from world-class faculty at the forefronts of their fields.

Discover how to work toward the betterment of a global society using emergent technology to advance interpretation, documentation, preservation, and management of our shared humanity.

Thrive in a flexible online learning experience that attracts museum and heritage professionals from the U.S. and abroad.

Online Graduate Programs

Earn a graduate-level credential and pursue leadership roles throughout the museum and cultural heritage sectors.

Gain a perspective on the theory and practice of museums in a changing technological, social, and political environment. Geared for current and future museum professionals, this online program emphasizes technology’s critical role in today’s museums. The dynamic courses prepare you for careers in a range of museums, including those focusing on history, technology, science, and specialized themes, along with historic sites, national parks, and zoos. You can also build skills for roles in exhibitions for corporations, government agencies, and private organizations. During the program, you will examine new models of education, exhibition, and business strategies while exploring how museums serve as agents of social change.

Engage in an immersive examination of cultural heritage issues, including social, environmental, and economic trends. This program focuses on new and emerging technology, providing opportunities to study how innovations may benefit conservation, preservation, and engagement. You will take part in nine online courses and a two-week seminar that meets at a location in the U.S. or an international site. The breadth of study empowers you to qualify for leadership and management roles in the cultural heritage sector.