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Master of Arts in Film and Media

Build the skills to excel in film, TV, or digital media, or immersive technologies

Johns Hopkins’ Advanced Academic Programs Master of Arts in Film and Media develops the expertise, resources, and relationships you need to work in your chosen area of interest in the film and media business. This 30-credit program gives you the tools and guidance to cultivate your own point of view, mission, distinctive storytelling approach, and professional portfolio in your area of focus.

You will build advanced expertise through a concentration in writing, sound, the business of film and media or immersive technologies.

Program Concentrations

This program develops advanced skills in your chosen area of study:

  • Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies (ISET): This highly collaborative educational experience focuses on expanding Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence storytelling. Students will be guided by experts to leverage immersive technologies to bring their innovative stories to life as a vehicle for change in vital business, policy, and social issues.
  • Writing for Film and Television: Successfully write original TV and feature film scripts, from idea development and outlining through multiple drafts and revisions. Learn how to map out a TV series over multiple seasons, and how to write for various digital media platforms.
  • Sound Production and Design: Develop advanced skills in recording, editing, designing, and mixing sound across all TV, film, and digital formats.
  • Business of Film and Media: Build a deep understanding and fluency in the mechanics and changing landscape of the media business. Gain expertise across the legal, development, financing, marketing, distribution, and physical production aspects of the business.

Classes are taught by practicing writers, producers, sound professionals, and creators. Guest lectures by industry innovators provide you with broad knowledge of industry fundamentals and emerging trends in the digital media landscape including immersive experiences and augmented reality.


This program combines theory with intensive hands-on experiences in a range of master classes taught by industry professionals. You will learn from industry-leading creatives and also have the unique opportunity to work with visiting artists (funded by grants from Sundance) who are experts in immersive storytelling.

Build a broad foundation of knowledge in the film and media industry through courses that include:

  • Graduate Filmmaking Studio
  • Screenwriting Workshop
  • Episodic Writing Workshop – The Pilot
  • Fundamentals of Business I
  • Recording Sound for Film
  • Mixing Sound for Picture
  • Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies Foundations
  • Capstone for Film and Media

You can tailor the coursework to your career goals by choosing elective courses from one to two concentrations within the areas of Writing, Sound, Business, and ISET. These specialized courses will enable you to develop a portfolio of professional work samples and a deep understanding in your area of focus. Develop the skills, work, and connections to transform your film and media dreams into reality.

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