Graduate Programs That Empower Leaders to Thrive

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Thrive as a Government, Business, or Non-profit Leader—Online or in D.C.

Prosperous organizations in every industry have one thing in common: effective leadership teams. Enhance your leadership acumen and help your organization move forward by pursuing a graduate credential with Johns Hopkins University. You will develop 21st-century leadership skills valued by successful organizations in the public and private sectors. Not only that, but Johns Hopkins enables you to achieve in management career opportunities with a median salary of $107,360 per year.1

Johns Hopkins offers more than a prestigious graduate degree with an international reputation. You will also join a student community and expand your professional network, connecting with talented leaders and analytical decision-makers during your program. Plus, faculty with senior leadership experience will help you prepare to inspire workforces, shape effective policies, and achieve your professional ambitions.

Select from a suite of online graduate degrees that help you attain the qualifications to lead a non-profit, non-governmental organization, or private enterprise. Career opportunities include management positions in corporate operations, finance, and branding, along with leadership roles in foundations, advocacy organizations, and the highest levels of government.

Advance in Senior Leadership with Johns Hopkins

Experience a graduate education that balances prestige and flexibility.

Results-driven leadership: Study emerging leadership and analytical practices to streamline decision-making, policymaking, and organizational performance.

Flexible Schedules: Earn a Johns Hopkins graduate credential online or on campus with coursework that fits your calendar.

Tailored for your ambition: Prepare to achieve as an organizational leader through career-focused electives and areas of focus.

Engage with senior leaders: Begin the next step of your career by learning from faculty who have succeeded in leading business, government, non-profit, and NGO organizations.

Graduate Degrees for Ambitious Leaders

Empower yourself to inspire teams and direct expanding organizations with Johns Hopkins.

Develop as an inspiring leader to advance the success of organizations across industries. Instructors with extensive leadership experience enable you to shape strategies, improve team cultures, and spur positive change throughout organizations. Once you attain this master’s degree, you will have the expertise to motivate people and direct finance, human resources, marketing, and technology teams. Furthermore, you will boost your employment prospects, as demand for managers is projected to rise much faster than many occupations.1 This graduate program includes 10 online courses that you can complete in two years.

Extend your management expertise to oversee a non-profit or NGO — or establish your own. You will engage in immersive coursework led by expert faculty who draw from careers in public service and non-profit leadership, enabling you to make a difference in local communities or through global initiatives. Tailor the program to your objectives with areas of focus in International Mission-Based Organizations; Social Enterprise; or Project Management, Evaluation, and Leadership. The program includes 10 online courses that you can complete in 12–24 months, and it concludes with a capstone that provides the relevant experience needed to advance within a non-profit or NGO.

Named one of the nation’s best public affairs programs by U.S. News & World Report, this degree program instills the expertise needed to lead solutions to policy challenges. You can choose from areas of focus in Public Administration and Leadership, Public Policy Evaluation, and Public Financial Management and Budgeting. Study online or in Washington, D.C., and complete 12 courses to earn this master’s degree in 12–24 months.


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