Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health

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Experience an Innovative Education in Genomics on a Part-Time Schedule

Breakthroughs in genomics broaden our understanding of human health, disease prevention, and more. Prepare to support academia, research, and businesses in this growing field with Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Programs division. Whether part-time or full-time, the MS in Individualized Genomics and Health program can help you build the knowledge and skills for administrator roles, as well as further your expertise in advanced genomic research.

Explore research and applied sciences as you study online or on campus, building a foundational knowledge of epigenetics, human molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and individual genome analysis. You will also examine ethical, legal, and regulatory aspects of individualized genomics.

With this master’s degree program, you can:

  • Emerge with multi-disciplinary skills in bioinformatics, bioscience, regulatory science, policy, and ethics.
  • Choose from three targeted concentrations: Laboratory Diagnostics, Genomics, or Regulatory.
  • Learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills to meet the demands of the academic, research, and business communities.
  • Experience flexible coursework that blends around your work schedule, enabling you to meet personal commitments as you study foundational genomic concepts.

Fast Facts

The MS in Individualized Genomics and Health program requires 10 courses, and the graduate certificate in sequence analysis and genomics consists of five courses.


The MS in Individualized Genomics and Health program offers three optional concentrations:

  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Genomics
  • Regulatory

Post-Master’s Certificate

Earn a graduate-level credential to pursue leadership roles in genomics and health.

This five-course graduate certificate is designed for experienced scientists who need the bioinformatics skills to design experiments and analyze data. Develop a working knowledge of bioinformatics and engage in upper-level courses that explore how to perform sequence and genomic analyses.

Requirements: 5 courses

Duration: 9-12 months

Course Delivery: Online, Onsite

A master’s degree is required for this certificate.

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