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Graduate Programs in Governmental Studies

Earn a Johns Hopkins masters degree or graduate certificate in a convenient part-time format.

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies brings together theory and practice in the study of government and its effects, domestically and abroad. Earn a master’s degree or graduate certificate with the prestige of Johns Hopkins University and the flexibility of AAP’s online options.

These online and on-campus programs maximize the synergism between graduate studies and practical work experience – where the theory and practice of government come together and inform each other. The result is gaining the knowledge and expertise necessary for leadership in politics and administration within public and private sectors.

Programs available on-campus and online. Click the programs below to learn more:

  • Master of Arts in Global Security Studies +

    The MA in Global Security Studies gives students the analytic and policy tools and theoretical foundations necessary to shape today’s security environment with exciting careers in government or the private sector. They learn how to shape defense policy and intelligence; promote energy, environmental and economic security; and grapple with cross-cutting issues such as cyber norms, transnational crime and human security.
  • Master of Arts in Government +

    The Masters in Government gives students the tools to examine governmental and social institutions in society, explore areas of reform, and most important, to bring about change. The program combines the theory and practice of government, politics, and policy-making.

    Also available: Master of Arts in Government and MBA Dual Degree

  • Master of Arts in Non-governmental Organization Management +

    The Master of Arts in NGO Management will provide you with the skills necessary to lead, manage, and found a non-governmental/nonprofit organization. The NGO management field provides opportunities for you to lead and manage with critical analysis and problem-solving skills, and find solutions to today’s most pressing problems.
  • Master of Arts in Public Management +

    The Masters in Public Management teaches new management methods to help solve real-world governance and policy issues. It empowers students to be strategic, but will also provide the fundamentals of public management: policy analysis and evaluation, financial management, economics and fiscal policy, and public policy and administration
  • Master of Science in Data Analytics and Policy +

    The MS in Data Analytics and Policy prepares students to use analytics to tackle policy challenges in the public and private sector. Courses build expertise in analytical methods relied upon by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, research institutions, and the private sector. Blending analytical methods with substantive issues in policy, our program develops students into leaders in the data revolution.
  • Master of Science in Geospatial Intelligence +

    The Master of Science in Geospatial Intelligence gives students the skills for a new and exciting academic discipline. This program blends the art and science of geospatial tradecraft with the history of geospatial intelligence and the mathematics of commercial collection sampling strategies. It is designed to give future leaders in government and industry the tools to meet the challenges of new technology, sensors, algorithms, and platforms.
  • Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis +

    The Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis program teaches the competencies needed to succeed in public or private sector intelligence roles. Led by top theorists and practitioners, coursework will prepare you through theoretical study and practical application. Enhance your analytical thinking skills, persuasive communication techniques, and ability to interpret diverse data sets, all of which are vital to the success of today's intelligence agencies.
  • Post Bachelor's Certificate in Nonprofit Management +

    Designed for non-profit professionals seeking to help position their organizations to make a greater impact in the global community, this graduate certificate program provides students with a marked advantage over their peers in the field. All the courses feature a global perspective for relevance in today’s world of interconnected economies and communication.
  • Post Bachelor's Certificate in Government Analytics +

    The Graduate Certificate in Government Analytics provides foundational skills in statistical analysis and the opportunity to develop expertise in a specialty area, including advanced statistics, geospatial analysis, political behavior and public policy analysis, and public management.
  • Post Bachelor's Certificate in Intelligence +

    This program provides students with an understanding of the ways in which the United States practices intelligence. With the Graduate Certificate in Intelligence, students learn the purposes to which the United States puts intelligence; the limits upon intelligence – practical, legal, ethical, and theoretical; and the important debates about the issue. The faculty are scholars and practitioners with many years of experience in the field.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

*Note: Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative. 

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