Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Management

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Discover Modern Approaches to Heritage Management

Prepare to become a leader in policy, advocacy, and sustainability with the MA in Cultural Heritage Management degree from Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) division. In this part-time online program, you will discover practices for embracing our shared humanity while preparing to lead initiatives that foster the betterment of a global society.

Study community engagement and heritage management at global and local levels, all through flexible online coursework. Taught by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, this program combines academic and professional experience to help you begin or advance your career. Given the expansion of heritage-based initiatives and 21st century challenges, there is an increased need for forward-thinking professionals trained on the latest strategies and digital technologies.

This program enables you to:

  • Develop interdisciplinary knowledge as you customize your studies around your unique career goals and trajectory.
  • Choose from a wide range of courses and electives that feature small class sizes, creating an environment for engaging with your instructors and peers.
  • Control your study schedule through asynchronous courses that offer a highly flexible learning experience.
  • Take part in a two-week, intensive cultural heritage management seminar that Johns Hopkins will organize in the U.S. or an international location.

Build a Valuable Network

Johns Hopkins builds a community within the program between peers and faculty through social media tools and a virtual café, where you can:

Fast Facts

Engage in flexible online coursework, along with an on-site, two-week seminar.


The program consists of nine online courses and a two-week, on-site seminar in the U.S. or abroad.

  • Studies in World Heritage
  • Cultural Heritage Management/Leadership
  • Cultural Heritage Management Seminar (On-Site)
  • Reading the Landscape: Cultural Heritage at Scale
  • Protection of Global Cultural Heritage: Laws, Policies, Politics, and Advocacy
  • Heritage Interpretation: Approaches to Interpretation and Outreach
  • Engaging Communities in Heritage: Ownership, Stewardship, Sustainability, and Creative Cultural Expression
  • Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

After you complete three core courses, any additional core courses may count toward elective-course requirements.

  • Research Methods in Cultural Heritage
  • Culture as Catalyst for Sustainable Development
  • Issues in Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Heritage Tourism
  • NAGPRA: Repatriation as Compliance or Ethical Practice
  • Internship

Post-Bachelor’s Certificates

Prepare to enter an emerging field that spans the management of digital assets over their lifetime. You will complete five online courses and an on-site internship to develop as a steward of digital collections, exhibitions, and research data on behalf of museums and cultural heritage organizations.

Enhance your analytical skills and gain a global perspective to grow as a leader in the nonprofit space in as little as nine to 12 months. This certificate is comprised of six online courses that offer a global perspective to help you understand the interconnections of economies and communications. You may earn this certificate on its own or in combination with the master’s degree in cultural heritage management.

State-Specific Information for Online Programs

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